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Operations Update: March 2018

Andrew Winkler,
VP of Operations at Grand Island Express

Operations Update: Meet our new Recruitment Team

Early in 2017, we started down a path to overhaul our driver recruiting strategy. We knew the days of advertising for drivers in the newspaper had long passed. Everything is electronic nowadays and available on some kind of mobile device. Our efforts to attract and retain drivers needed to reflect this new digital world we live in.

A new blueprint for the structure and staffing of our recruiting department was laid out. Since we recruit drivers from three different generations, the new strategy needed to reflect this as well. Contact a recruiter today!

Recruitment team
(Pictured left to right, Mandee Lade, Blair Shearer, Amanda Buchfinck)

Mandee Lade is our Director of Recruiting & Outreach. Her focus is on:
• Driver referral program
• Rehires
• Entry level drivers and students
• Job fairs and special programs
• Community outreach and awareness

Amanda Buchfinck is the newest member of our team and brings with her a nice resume of digital and social media marketing experience. She will serve as our Digital Recruitment & Marketing Manager and will focus on:
• Facebook, Twitter, Google
• Digital advertising and videos
• Email, remarketing and drip campaigns
• Website management

Mandee and Amanda will work as a team to market our company to professional drivers and drive those leads back to our website for applications.

Once the new hires are scheduled for orientation, they will be handed off to the third member of our recruiting team, Blair Shearer. Blair’s role is to:
• Onboard new hires
• Facilitate orientation, driver engagement and special events
• Family support for drivers
• Mentor and training programs
• Stay Metrics

Whether you’re new to the company or a veteran driver, Blair is a great resource when you need help with anything! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to her.

Thank you and the recruitment team look forward to serving you,

Andy Winkler, VP of Operations

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