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Forgo the Burden of College Debt – Instead Train for a Professional Driving Career

Today’s young folks should consider ditching their cubicles and saying no to 6-figure student loans in exchange for a life and career on the open road. Turns out that truck driving schools prove to be a cost-effective alternative to 2-4 year school programs. No student wants to graduate with a bachelors degree owing $130,000 to student loans, especially without a promising job market outlook. Even a trade school can take 18 months to 4 years to complete and can cost in excess of $33,000.

A truck driving training program on the other hand, takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months to complete and can guarantee you a job before you graduate. That’s right! You can obtain your CDL certificate in 10.5 weeks at the nation’s most elite driving school for $1,227. Moreover, new drivers will earn on average of $48,000-$52,000 per year and can expect to earn a higher income as they become experienced drivers.

Training for Your Truck Driving Career

While there are many schools to choose from, the most beneficial type of program is a professional truck driving school.

Professional truck driving schools. These are programs offered through community colleges and will best prepare you for a professional driving career. Here are the benefits of graduating from a professional truck driving school.

  • You will graduate in 2 months knowing how to handle a truck.
  • You will earn more money than the graduate with a 4-year degree, who is saddled with a school loan payment that consumes half his/her take-home pay.
  • You WILL graduate that school with more than one job offer. One of those job offers is very likely going to be from Grand Island Express of Grand Island, Nebraska. Grand Island Express has been voted on one of the Top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For six years consecutively by its drivers and by the Truckload Carriers Association.

Other options exist, such as:

Short-term 3-week programs These programs offer very little seat time and won’t offer you the comprehensive experience to make you the best driver possible.

In-house training programs The drawback with this type of arrangement is the multi- year contract with pay well below the average market rate. However, they will lure you in by paying you a salary immediately. There is almost always a catch here so you must read your contract carefully.

These options are still viable ways to achieve your certifications but do have some drawbacks to consider. Choosing the right driving school is an important step to start your driving career on the best path possible.

Favorable tuition costs, a steady income, and job security are all great reasons to consider a professional driving career. At Grand Island Express we offer a casual, family-like culture with solid benefits. Our recruiters are available to answer any questions you may have about training or candidate requirements. Simply call 866.472.6347 to speak to a recruiter.

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