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GIX Driver Spotlight: Matt

Driver Spotlight: Matt

GIX Driver Spotlight

Name: Matt
Hometown: Clyde, Ohio
Years Employed with GIX: 2 years
Type of Driver: Road to Independence

GIX Driver Spotlight: Matt

I started in the industry over 13 years ago. I got started by attending a driving school program. It was one of the best decisions, because I was able to have all my schooling paid off in less than a year. I loved to drive, which is why it was an easy choice for me to make this my career.

I have been with Grand Island Express for the past 2 years. I enjoy my home-time and GIX makes that possible for me. Spending time with my family is incredibly important to me. On average, I am usually on the road 2-3 weeks before I am home. Home-time is also important, so my wife and I can go the races we enjoy, especially dirt track.

My truck is equipped with luxury amenities that make me feel more comfortable while I’m on the road. A few of my favorites are my coffee pot, microwave, and refrigerator. I am back in the Grand Island Express home office about every 6 days. They are the most truthful and honest employer I’ve ever had.

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