Calling All Veterans

Initiatives to Hire Veterans on The Rise
If you’re a veteran seeking employment you’ve most likely been flooded with messages asking you to consider professional driving as a career option. Of the almost 70,000 job listings posted on, HALF of them are truck driving jobs.

The U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, lists truck driving as one of three career fields uniquely suited to fast-track certification for veterans. Why? What’s the draw?

Skill Match
There are many reasons why vets make excellent truck drivers, but specific abilities, skills and personality traits they’ve acquired during active duty make them a prized candidate. A professional truck driving career is both rewarding and challenging. A mix of these skills and abilities will contribute to a successful OTR career:

  • Mental stamina. The same can-do attitude that helps a soldier persevere in difficult situations helps a driver stay alert and stress free when poor driving conditions, fatigue and loneliness threaten their mental stamina.
  • Situational awareness. Adaptation to unusual environmental conditions and unexpected circumstances is a necessary skill for military service. Freight companies appreciate drivers who can adapt to inclement road conditions and the poor driving habits of others.
  • Teamwork & Independence. Soldiers accomplish their missions as part of a team and independently. Even though drivers are their own boss on the road, they must also interact with dispatchers, driving managers and loading dock employees to manage the logistics process.
  • Dependability. After years of training and combat soldiers know they can depend on each other for even the simplest tasks. In the same way drivers must be dependable for all the people who count on them to deliver freight on-time, in top notch condition.

Why Vets Should Consider a Professional Driving Job

  • Reputable driving schools qualify veterans for their GI Bill
  • Paychecks available immediately (GI Express offers pay from day one) · Job security
  • Utilize inherent and learned skills
  • Travel

Veterans as truck drivers. It really is a perfect match. If you’re looking for a rewarding career and a great company to work for keep in mind that Grand Island Express has been named one of the top fleets to drive for SIX years in a row!

Grand Island Express is proud to offer immediate openings to qualified veterans. Come see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. Visit Why Work For Us for more information.

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